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MiG-21bis Wrong maximum speed and VNE

MiG-21bis in game is over performing,the 1430 km/h VNE is widely incorrect, the maximum allowed airspeed is 1300 km/h with missiles and clean. 

using the 1.05 vne formula the maximum speed in game should be 1365 km/h.

the only way to obtain 1430 km/h is using a multiplayer of 1.10 instead of 1.05...


bellow are listed the maximum airspeed allowed with various setups:


-with and without missiles is 1300km/h 

-with bombs and rockets is 1000 km/h 

-with 8 bombs is 800 km/h / 1000km/h when reinforced racks are in use. 


manual Mig 21Bis Pilot`s Flight Operating Instructions (page 21)







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  This issue has been previously reported to the Developers for consideration.

Thanks for your report, your interest and support for the game.


Regards, Object187

Technical Moderation Team

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