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Need CDK Help: Jet AI crash to the ground and wont attack assigned targets

Hello Guys,

I am trying to achieve a massive top tier jet combat map for a machinima. I am using F-1s, T2s, Mig 19s-21s, Jaguars, F4es and so forth. 
I made both a custom map and user mission map to be able to play the map with designated player units or any units with people. 


1. All Jets typically fall to the ground no matter how high I set their altitude in their attempt to turn with the ending. 

2. "SetUnitAttack" functions work on ground units but it doesn't work properly on top tier jets. The jets make one pass and then do not fire... ultimately crashing to the ground from issue 1. 


I have made maps with 200+ AI battles and they work properly and it looks absolutely glorious as all aircraft are doing what ever it takes to down their target. 
I don't understand what is the causes the issues with jet AI's.  But it would cool to be able to able to replicate massive air battles with top tier AI jets. 


Has anyone been successful in making an intense AI jet battle where attack triggers work properly and where planes don't crash in the ground?


Below are the user missions so you can see the triggers and units/properties used. 

War Japan and China.blk

Asian Conflict.blk War Japan.blk Sweden Invaded.blk

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