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Sim ground battle is in trouble with BP live.

While I am pretty happy with the BP, it is really hurting my enjoyment of the game as I can't play sim mode for the BP.

I understand that the user created rooms in Sim Air create a issue with it being in the BP.


I however don't currently see any issue with Sim Ground not being included in the BP for now and hopefully in the future the BP could come to Sim air by adding certain rooms to SIM air that just say BP in the server list.


Please know that I am not starting this thread to create a flame war at gaijin.

I understand that currently the team is pretty busy yet the BP has pretty much killed the Sim ground numbers.

Since it came out Sim ground battles is all but dead and I had a 18 min wait time to get a match.


I don't ask for any special multipliers if Sim ground is added to the BP.

It is really no issue to have the same exact thing as the same listing requirements for points as it is in ab and rb.

So many of us Sim players spend a lot of money supporting the game and I would ask that Gaijin seriously adds at least Sim ground to the BP asap.




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This isn't an Xbox related problem but just another problem with SIM in general. There's a few threads about this issue in the Simulator Battle Discussion sub-forum and I'm sure there's more than just these two if you look around.






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