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[eXo] Exorcists open for recruitment (EN/RS)

Exorcists is recruiting. Mostly consisting of Serbian players for now, but everyone else is just as welcome to join us ;)

We are group of friends that started playing in 2018, and now we would like to expand, accommodate more people and have fun together, and progress towards getting Squadron vehicles.


We mainly play ground battles, but occasionally airplanes and ships as well. I would personally like to have every type of player for more diverse community and more fun.


- At least 18 years old

- Be active (contribute to squadron activity)


When we get appropriate number of members we might go Squadron battles too, that isn't excluded.

Everyone is welcome for now, we are fresh squadron and want to give opportunity to anyone, no matter if you just started playing game, everybody deserves a chance.

Feel free to send application in game as well as ask any questions if you want to know something.

https://discord.gg/ 9SydEPWhgc

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