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Molniya / Vympel R-60 & R-60M - Incorrect Warhead Weight(s)

On top of the R-60 already being terribly bugged in tracking, Gaijin for some reason decided to unhistorically nerf its warhead weight by more than half! I seriously question Gaijin's decisions with Russian sources and material at the moment!


As of the launch of 2.1 New Power, the weights are as follows:




XxONGZI.png f4nTd40.png



1.15 kg for the R-60, 1.35 kg for the R-60M.


Let's look at sources now.


1- According to "Soviet Cold War Fighters" by Alexander Mladenov, the R-60's warhead weighed at 3 kg. As for the R-60M, 3.5 kg. This can be found in the weapons table of both the MiG-21bis and the MiG-23MLA, each in their respective chapters in the book. This one is the MLA's:




2- According to Tara Aerospace AD , a military-related supplier based in Montenegro, the R-60M did in fact have a warhead weight of 3.5 kg. Since Montenegro was part of Yugoslavia and the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, it inherited examples of R-60s / R-60Ms and Soko G-4 Super Galebs and thus maintains them. 




3- Page 41 in "Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-21" published by Air Vanguard has a table showcasing the MiG-21bis' heat-seeking missiles. In it, the R-60 and R-60M have their warhead weights listed:




Tried looking at a lot more books with the MiG-21 and MiG-23 as their main subjects, and "Soviet / Russian Aircraft Weapons Since WW2" but they didn't go into enough detail about the R-60/R-60M.


So I'll add private websites as back up in case:







https://weaponsystems.net/system/218-Molniya R-60




As you can see, there's a large number of sources that disagree with the recent changes to the R-60 and R-60M's weight data.


There is no AAM in history with a measly 1.15 - 1.35 kg warhead weight. It's too small to be considered.





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Warhead weight = explosive filler + metal casing / fragmentation component.


Explosive mass = explosive weight inside the warhead.


You can have a 3kg warhead with a 1.13kg explosive wieght.


On 19/11/2020 at 10:29, EpicBlitzkrieg87 said:

I seriously question Gaijin's decisions with Russian sources and material at the moment!

I seriously question your understanding of the difference between warhead and explosive content of the warhead

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