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How to play the Maus? [Tutorial]


With the recent 8th aniversary of War Thunder came the Maus for a few days. As of right now, many people play it, but they often die, so i wanted to make my own guide on how to not lose silver lions with this "monster".


1. Be aware of the situation

No matter if you're winning or not, you always have to make sure that nobody is flanking you. You also should look after planes, because they can often carry a dangerous payload of bombs.

2. Some tanks can kill you easily

There are tanks such as the Obj 279, that can kill you with a single shot. You can also find yourself in a situation where you can't pen the enemy you're facing. In that case, search for weak spots and if you can't see one, don't waste your ammo.

3. Don't take too much ammo

If you think Maus has too much armor to get an ammo explosion, you're wrong. Always take only the ammount of ammo that you need.

4. Think before peaking

When there is an enemy behind the corner, always make sure you are angling your armor, and be careful of tanks that have rockets, such as the BMP's. The Maus often gets a hit in the engine, which causes you to stop and take more hits, which may kill you.



I think i mentioned the most important stuff. This is my first guide, and i hope you enjoyed it!



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There are players with good experience in the maus that have posted on the forums. Not to dissuade you from posting or making guides but there are 102 pages of discussion about the maus here amongst other places. 



Those of you who just got it should have went there first rather than quick jumping in to find its flaws for yourselves. 


It was fun playing US 7.3 the past week so I won't complain about it too much.

medal medal medal medal medal medal medal medal medal medal medal medal medal

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