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Folders dont get sended to useskin

Hello and welcome to the forums!


Just to clarify, I'm going to go through step by step on how to use userskins that you've downloaded as I'm not 100% sure at which point you're having issues. If you're talking about templates you've made yourself, they should also be saved in the UserSkins folder (which is the issue I think you're having?) they will have the format "template_us_m1_abrams" for example.


1. Once downloading a skin from the live.warthunder.com website, you should be presented with a zipfile. I would recommend extracting those files to a memorable place. You'll be left with a folder with contents similar to this:


2. If that's what you're seeing, then great! Move that folder to the UserSkins folder in your main War Thunder directory. If you don't have a UserSkins directory, feel free to make one. Your Main installation folder should look something like this:


I've highlighted the folder you need.

3. Once you've moved the folder containing the skins to your UserSkins folder, in-game click on customize for the vehicle you've installed the skin for. There will be a dropdown menu allowing you to select the user-skin. Some skins require scaling and rotation which are usually listed on the skin page.



If you need any other help, don't hesitate to ask! Thanks for checking out the forums and posting to the academy section :salute:

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