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I think I found some bugs in tournaments page and the support redirected me to this forum

As I said in title, I found some issues on the tournaments page, reported them to tech support and they told me to post them here. Some of them are really minor, some may be more important, but they're bugs nevertheless. It's a long list, so I'll just copy it from my ticket. Here we go...
1 - when I join the tournament, in the "My Tournaments" section I've got the option to create a training room. I wanted to try it out, because me and my friends are soon gonna participate in a tank rb competition for the first time. However when I (or my friends) try to create the room, there's a notification "successful_room_create" (someone forgot to change the test message?) and the "room" appears as a broken link to a battle with no battleID. The custom match room may or may not appear in game, we have no idea, because since there's no room name in the training rooms list we can't identify it (we don't receive any invitation).
2 - None of the available tournaments seems to allow playing swedish vechicles. We noticed two "picture icons" below the allowed chinese tanks, and browsers console threw error 404 picture not found.
3 - Some things about "new template (test)":
a) the button for creating training room mentioned above appears to be disabled and as such doesn't work completely, no notification, no redirection, no new room, no nothing.
b) the bottom part of the page, the ratings' page title and description and almost every single button for extending... things... such as ratings page... are in russian.
c) some info about tournaments are not correct, i.e. for my current team in 2x2 RB Tanks tournament it shows "Player in team:1 (to participate in this tournament it must be at least 1 and maximum 3 players in team)", when in fact there are 3 of us, and the minimum stated in "old template" is 2.
d) text input box with team url doesn't fit the entire url (even on my 2560x1080 screen), it doesn't scroll and button for copying it doesn't work.
e) in tournament settings many tanks' images don't load.
f) neither does swedish flag. it says "preset" where it should say "sweden" and there's only one "vehicle space" showing, with an unknown vehicle of 5th era, while other vehicles are of 3-4 eras.
g) in the list of teams registered for the tournament, after extending team's box, the textbox with team's link says simply "Link", the copying button doesn't work, and neither does the link itself - it redirects the browser to the "old template" version of the page, but doesn't open the window with team's details.
h) in the tournaments tab the button for clearing filters doesn't work.
i) the ratings tab doesn't show my current rating as opposed to the old version.
j) in the tournaments tab, when you expand a tournament box, if it's for example 5 days before registration ends, it says it in singular form "5 day".

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