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Vickers VFM Mk.5

On 11/12/2020 at 08:31, TwitchyCarlos said:

Only the Chieftain Mk 5 was 8.7 and for the life of me I never saw anyone use it, I don't think I saw anyone use a Chieftain Mk 5 ever until it was moved down to 8.3.

I'm currently researching the Chieftain Mk. 5, and it's the final British TT vehicle that I don't already have. I skipped it back in the day because after experiencing the horrendous grind to spade out the Chieftain Mk. 3 several years ago, and then seeing that the Mk. 5 didn't really give me anything, I just noped out on it. So yeah, I'm less than one vehicle away from having the British TT completed, and that last vehicle is the Chieftain Mk. 5, which I will almost certainly never play.


I've only just researched and purchased the VFM5 and haven't played it yet. I have high hopes for it, but as part of a 10 or 10.7 lineup I can see that the lack of thermals and a more 8.7-9ish penetration APFS-DS round, it probably won't work out very well. The bummer is that I just don't really play at 9.0 in British. I've got a 9.7 lineup that's nice and competitive if it's not uptiered to 10.7, but without thermals the VFM5 is probably going to be at a disadvantage. Hopefully it'll work out better for me than the Rooikat 76, though.

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