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Planned economy changes



In the recent economy update we reduced ammo cost for naval and high tier ground vehicle/aviation significantly. We will continue to gather your feedback and analyze the statistical data from our servers. Today we’d like to announce the next large economy update for War Thunder. 


  • Repair cost reduction for non-premium event vehicles.

Non-premium vehicles that are obtained during our special in-game events differ from linear vehicles in the way you achieve it, and unique status, but doesn’t offer any economic advantages over them, which in some ways spoils the joy of gaining and owning these vehicles. Now all special event non-premium vehicles receive reduced repair costs, but continue without the additional income bonuses. 

  • Reward changes for aircraft in tank Arcade battles.

During every tank AB session, there is intense aerial combat, but most of the aircraft are little or no threat for most ground vehicles. The SPAA combat role is to cover friendlies from attacks from above, but at the moment the reward that the SPAA receives doesn’t count the real threat of the aerial target for the teammates. As a result, players in SPAAGs do not have any reward for their immediate combat task. Also, destroying aerial targets gives more income to the player than killing ground targets, being a far easier and safer task at the same time. We decided to reduce the reward for downing or damaging air targets without mounted weapons by 60%, with mounted weapons, reduced by 20%. We have also reduced the repair costs for anti-aircraft vehicles.

  • Reduction of the maximum repair cost in Realistic battles.

We have corrected a mismatch where an incorrect reward ratio in the vehicle’s lifetime to its repair cost in RB mode, caused overstated repair costs. 

  • Mounted/auxiliary armament cost change.

The cost of auxiliary weapons for surface vessels and aircraft have been revised. Low-efficiency equipment costs have been reduced (low calibre rockets, in the first place), highly effective armament now costs more (primarily, air-to-air and air-to-surface missiles). Learn more about the upcoming cost changes from this table.


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