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So I'm a former WOT player and I recently(today) decided to try playing war thunder and I need help.

The UI seems confusing, I have no idea how br works, where to unlock upgrades, how to repair the tank/airplane and which vehicles are best.

And I know the basics like armour and ammo types.

Please help!!


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Welcome to the forums!


What are you playing?

Realistic or arcade?
Planes, tanks or ships?

Which Nation have you started with?


BR works via up or down tier.



Tiger E - heavy tank - BR of 5.7 in tank realistic battles

Enemies it can face: everything from 4.7 to 6.7.

Spawn point cost in a 5.7 BR game: 220

SP when uptiered to 6.0 (highest vehicle in the match is 6.0): 200

SP when uptiered to 6.3 (" 6.3): 180

SP when uptiered to 6.7 ("6.7): 150


The highest BR in your lineup will be the one the matchmaker considers.

This only applies to tank RB though, air RB will match you after the plane you have selected as you can only use one vehicle per match!

AB calculates an intermediate BR but you can search for that exact system on the WT Wiki :)


Example lineup: 

M4A3 (76) Sherman: 5.7

M18 GMC: 5.7

T-26E1: 6.3


Your maximum uptier is a 7.3 match.
This means that if you die in your T-26 and spawn in the Sherman, it will face 7.3 opponents too.




medal medal medal medal medal medal medal

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Thanks for the video!!

I'm currently playing German tanks and the French tanks. The tech tree looks very messy so I haven't figured out which tanks/spaa I want to get.

I've also started playing airplanes from some nation but they all look the same to me so I have no clue which one I'm playing with.

I'm playing arcade battles for now.

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