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F-104G missing Avionics

As we all know, the Starfighters were complex machines. Many complex systems working together, complex avionics, technological wonders, that were there to make it the perfect hunter. Sadly, these systems aren't represented in-game, which takes away much of the aircraft's potential.

The missing avionics apply to the F-104G, but one of the sources also mentions F-104J

F-104G, the German variant of the US wonder-fighter was adapted to fulfill multirole tasks. At this moment, the aircraft is missing 3 very important avionics: the ballistic computer, bomb computer and lead indicator. Adding these systems isn't only a matter of historical accuracy, as it would also make the plane more competetive and more fitting in the top-tier meta. Missing the more advanced systems like radar-guide and 2nd generation IR missiles and flares, the addition of its avionics would bring the plane to the level of competitiveness of other comparable aircraft of its era. (In comparison, the F-4 Phantom family has all of the systems available, while being an aircraft of the same era and only 0.3 BR higher than the F-104G)





Screenshots of the missing features (?)






http://www.916-starfighter.de/F-104_ES_Stoelinga.pdf (1.10, 1.11 , 1.12)




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It is a known issue and has already been forwarded to the devs.


Thank you for your time. Some new elements have been added to the report.


Moved to the appropriate section.


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