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F4F Wildcat family flap ripping

Vehicles affected:



Martlet Mk IV



In the current game, all models of the F4F will rip their flaps in combat mode past a certain airspeed. However, according the and Wildcat Mk VI and F4F-4 Pilot's Handbook, "there is no danger in opening the flap operating valve at high speeds. The flaps will not come down in speeds in excess of 130 knots".






Proposed Solution:

If deployed in combat mode, F4F flaps should automatically be forced into the raised position after surpassing and airspeed of 130 knots (241.4 km/h). Any attempts to deploy the flaps past this airspeed should notify the player that they cannot engage the flaps, rather than deploying and ripping the flaps.








F4F Manual.png

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The blow out flaps is known to be only partially working at the moment.


You cannot destroy your flaps by deploying them at a speed that is too high. You can only damage them by having them deployed and accelerating past their destruction speed.



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