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Jaguar GR.1 LAU-5003 B/A Modification Description has Typo

A detailed description of the issue you have encountered. It is also important that you describe how we can reproduce the issue, if you are able to reproduce it


The description of the LAU-5003 B/A modification reads "Allows installation of CVR7 unguided rockets." while the rockets are named "CRV7". The rockets are named correctly, the description of the modification is incorrect.

If applicable, the full name(s) of the vehicle(s) affected.


Jaguar GR.1

If applicable, the difficulty setting (e.g. Arcade) in which the issue occurs.



A detailed description of the fix you suggest. 


Change the spelling of "CVR7" to "CRV7" in the modification description.

Please attach screenshot(s) showing the issue taken via the game (Not externally), as well as the client replay file and the server Replay.





Attach the Client Log (CLOG) of the session in which the error occurred. If the problem is persistent, attach the latest one available.



Attach your system's current Dxdiag Log.



If possible, link a short video showcasing the issue.  If the issue is interface related - please include video or screenshots of the interface issue.



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Thanks for the report.

We will investigate, test and get back to you shortly,


Technical Moderation Team

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