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Strv-122 should be able to use the Slpprj m/95 round

Hello, I would like to report the Strv-122 should be able to fire the Slpprj m/95 fin-stablized round which the CV90120 uses. After looking up the round on declassifiled documents reguarding the Strv-122, I've found several pages in which documents what rounds the Strv-122 uses. One of which were the Slpprj m/95 APFSDS round:



The image on the left describes the ammunitions which the Strv-122 uses one of which is the slpprj m/95, the image on the right is the current ingame slpprj m/95 which the CV90120 uses. source: https://hemvarnet.se/UserFiles/Nyheter/utbildningsgrupper/livgardesgruppen/filer/AMKAT_DATABILD_2014.pdf (page: 101 in pdf file)



In this document which also shows the ammunitions for the 20mm, 25mm, 40mm from the CV9040 and the 120mm kanon STRV-122. It documents the slpprj m/95 as one of the rounds it uses. source: https://www.forsvarsmakten.se/siteassets/4-om-myndigheten/dokumentfiler/reglementen/sakr-fo-strf-2020.pdf (chapter 12: page 77-88).







Lastly but not least is another document from a independent writer which analyzed the Strv-122's combat effectivness if they're to use the tank in Afghanistan. as well it's ammunition, armament and tactics which it uses. In the document they also interviewed a induvidual which is working in "Försvarets Materielverk" and has a broad knowledge regarding the Strv-122 and also mentioned they're using the Slpprj m/95 round for the STRV-122. source:https://www.diva-portal.org/smash/get/diva2:328287/FULLTEXT01.pdf







If more information is needed, contact me (mods).

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  This issue has been previously reported to the Developers for consideration.

Thanks for your report, your interest and support for the game.

Kind Regards,

Technical Moderation Team

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