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Vehicles affected : ARL-44 (status unknown for ACL-1 variant)


Description : Missing roof MG


As stated in the ARL-44 manual there is provision for a roof MG 


Source : 

Section III > Mitrailleuses > Anti-aérienne  > 1 dispositif pour fusil mitrailleur




The manual is quite unclear about which type of MG it is  so we wil have to sue visual evidence to determine the exact armament.




both pictures prooves the existence of this armament. On the second picture we can recognize  the curved handle of a MAC 31 as well as its ejection well (not sure it is the right term).


For reference pictures of a MAC 31.




This is my own conlcusion, i am not 100% sure they have a MAC 31 but i am sure ARL-44s should be equiped with roof MGs.

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