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Dev Server Opening with Major Update "Raining Fire"!



The Dev Server will be opening today featuring the new War Thunder Update "Raining Fire"!

You can download the Dev Client here.

Dev server will be opened at 19:00 GMT

The dev server should close on the 22nd of August at 07:00 GMT.


The Dev Server may close an any time

so please make the most out of the opening window!


 >>   Preliminary Update Notes for this test are here   <<


This is a preliminary update. Expect to see bugs and inconsistencies in this opening of the dev server. The content you see should not be taken as final and will likely be changed, added to or indeed removed on final release.


Dev server specific


  • The test can end at any moment
  • The following bonuses are active during testing time:
  • Х5 bonus gain to RP and SL 
  • 50% discount for converting RP for every nation  
  • All achievements, spent and earned in-game currency will NOT be transferred to the main game server.
  • Some earlier announced naval vessels have been hidden in the research trees.
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