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EC-665 Tigre HAD - armament errors and fuel.

As Title says, french EC-665 Tigre HAD implemented in-game has many errors that i will adres. 


Source : https://www.airbus.com/helicopters/military-helicopters/specialised/tiger.html and documents listed on their site (attached brochures) - Official manufacturer of the Eurocopter series



1. 30mm cannon has 450 rounds of ammunition (see ad.2, 30mm turret-mounted gun below) (ingame it has 750) with the firerate or 750RPM (ingame this is near 1200RPM)

Also Tigre HAD uses different ammunition types for it's gun (correct and full name is NEXTER 30M781 (only cosmetical change) )

It uses APHEI, API, HEI, SAPHEI - ingame only HEF-SAPI. 


2. Lack of 70mm rockets armament in 52 rockets configuration. Also EC-665 Tigre HAD was using Hellfire II rockets or Spike ER




page 6. https://web.archive.org/web/20180107173447/http://www.airbus.com/content/dam/corporate-topics/publications/brochures/Tiger-Brochure-Presentation.pdf (official aribus site, from millitary brochure)


-  M299 Launchers were designes for shooting Hellfire II missiles or Helfire Longbow, the same as AH-64D and AH Mk.1 - AGM-114K Hellfire II


source: https://www.defencetalk.com/france-selects-hellfire-ii-missile-to-equip-had-tiger-helicopter-11979/





3. Wrong Speed - Ingame 315km/h but in reality max speed was 146ktn - 271km/h


source:https://www.airbus.com/helicopters/military-helicopters/specialised/tiger.html Infographics


source:Brochure-MilitaryRange.pdf (from: https://www.airbus.com/helicopters/military-helicopters/specialised/tiger.html, documents)

4. Wrong amount of fuel.

Max amount are 1h54min but in reality it could carry 2h30min of fuel (i don't include 5h, because there ain't external fuel tanks in WT)


source :TIGER-Broch.pdf (from: https://www.airbus.com/helicopters/military-helicopters/specialised/tiger.html, documents)


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Next time please stick to one issue per thread.


Cannon and ammunition has been reported.

For the new loadouts there aren't sufficient sources for implementation.

Fuel is lacking sources.

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