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[] Mg 151 AP underperforming

In game the Mg 151 has 2 versions, a difference in barrles, 20mm and 15mm,

on Airplanes the penetration of the Ap/Ap-I/Ap-T projectiles are underperforming

They should have the same penetration as on the boats LS 4 Esau and LS 3

Considering the wheight and speed and comparing them to Similar guns also confirms this.

Heavier rounds have higher penetraion over distance and with less velocity less penetration at close, a perfect example is the Ap ammo of Mg 151/20 and Shvak

Mg 151 is 115g/117g and 705/720m/s and the 20mm Shvak AP has 91g and 750m/s this is represented with higher 10-100m penetration and using the penetration of the LS 4 Esau less penetration over distance.

Mg 151/15 can also be compared to the 14.5 mm Pvk

are some sorces needed?





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It is a known issue and has already been forwarded to the devs (from your reports)


Thank you for your time.


Moved to the appropriate section.


Rapitor, for the ™ team.

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