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[] Incorrect muzzle velocity for OFL 120 G1 for the Leclerc

Full name of the vehicle affected
Leclerc S1 and S2 MBT, and in particular, its OFL 120 G1 ammunition. All game modes.


Detailed description of the problem

Following my bug report to add the OFL 120 G1 shell as a stock or fast researchable shell, the Leclerc now has a very decent APFSDS shell available at the 1st research stage.

However, the in-game muzzle velocity of the shell is the same (1650 m/s) as that of the version of the same shell fired by the AMX-40/AMX-32, despite the fact that the CN120-26 F1 gun of the Leclerc is NOT the same at all as the CN120-25 G1 gun of the AMX-40. In particular, the gun of the Leclerc is able to sustain higher internal pressure and recoil force, and hence, shells with more propellant.


I copy here the photograph of a OFL 120 G1 shell displayed in NEXTER offices (NEXTER is the company building the Leclerc and its shells) already featured with other photographs in my previous report:


The muzzle velocity is clearly shown to be V0=1780 m/s, in line with the 1790 m/s of the Leclerc's more modern shell OFL 120 F1 which entered in service in 1993. Note that the muzzle velocity of the version of OFL 120 G1 for the AMX-40/AMX-32 is indeed 1650 m/s, as correctly modeled in-game (see a photograph in my previous bug report confirming this value). Also note that no other French tanks carry a 120mm gun, and that OFL 120 G1 was the only available shell for the Leclerc during its development phase and then between the production of the first Leclerc S1 tanks (1990) and the introduction of OFL 120 F1 (1993).


Fix of the problem
Change the muzzle velocity of the OFL 120 G1 shell of the Leclerc S1 and S2 MBT to 1780 m/s and update the penetration of the shell accordingly.



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The report has been submitted.

For any questions feel free to PM me or any other technical moderator.

Thanks for your time and effort

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