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War Thunder not working with Vulkan (Ubuntu 20.04)


On 29/10/2020 at 20:49, BoNiu said:

Yesterday I updated to ubuntuDDE 20.10.Aafter install nvidia driver I had crash launching aces file.

I don't know why after trried some horrible performance opengl battles, I tried vulkan again and worked flawlessly!.


Today I have the on focus black screen again, so no vulkan. I tried the newest nvdia ppa driver 455, also with and without working progress at launcher but same result.

Installed ubuntuDDE 20.04 and neither!


I hope someone in or outside gaijin start works on the vulkan errors sent for years... ( I mean that on focus black screen don t seem really hard to resolve/fix!... please)


Anyone have any idea?



Hi! I had some issue. I fixed this by updating ubuntu drivers "sudo apt install nvidia-driver-455", then "sudo reboot" and using ultra low it's working now perfectly without any crashes. (geforce gtx 1050, ubuntu 18.04)

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