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[] Vikhr Missiles Not Able to be Fired in Pairs

Affected on the Ka-50 Black Shark and the Ka-52 Alligator.


In real life the Vikhr missiles were able to be fired in pairs with their respective platform. Currently in game, firing two missiles in succession will allow the first missile fired to be ignored and lose it's target acquisition. This decreases the lethal potential of Vikhr's since western helicopters have missiles that can be fired in succession and even track multiple targets at once such as the PARS 3. To compete with these platforms, the Vikhr's in game should be able to fire two missiles in succession with target acquisition, however once the user has fired another missile before the two missiles have hit their target, the target acquisition will be ignored for the first pair of missiles causing them to lose lock and a new pair of missiles can be fired again that will track to the same target.





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