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The issue is that the turret starts collapsing at even 0 mph, which means that whenever you move, your turret turns against you, even with the slightest of minute repositioning. And when you get to a position where perhaps you see an enemy, it takes 8 seconds for the turret to deploy and turn back around, which is a lot of time, especially for an ATGM carrier.


Video of problem: 




However, I have found an online version of "Operator's Manual for Combat Vehicle, Anti-tank, Improved Tow Vehicle, M901". In it , I have found information that explains that in emergency situations, the M901 is officially permitted to drive up to 5 mph with its turret erected. As such, I suggest that while the gun will still need to be stationary to fire, that its turret does not start to stow itself away until the vehicle exceeds 5 mph. Along with it, I suggest adding a battle speed to it as well where it goes exactly 5 mph, to allow your turret to remain up and ready to fire (once the vehicle comes to a stop)



The statement I am referencing is : "Do not operate the launcher with the vehicle in motion , and avoid moving the vehicle with the launcher erected . The vehicle may be moved for short distances on level terrain with the launcher erected as long as the speed of the vehicle is kept below 5 mph ."


Operators Manual Page of reference:



A change like this would drastically change the effectiveness of the M901 to where it could possibly be used in War Thunder in an much more mobile form, as any close quarters engagement wouldn't be effective death, finally being able to be on par with other dedicated ATGM carriers. Thank you for your time.

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  This issue has been previously reported to the Developers for consideration.

Thanks for your report, your interest and support for the game.

Kind Regards,

Technical Moderation Team

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