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[Feature] Shifting Squad Ranks & Battle Kicking


More Squad Control  

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  1. 1. Should There Be A Kick System?

    • Kick - Any (Sgt+) Squad Member Gets Veto
    • Vote-Kick - Any (Ofc+) Squad Member Gets Veto
    • Vote-Kick - Purely Squad Members
    • No
  2. 2. Squad Based Spawn Hand-Outs

    • Yes
    • Implement It Differently
    • No


As A Medium Sized Squadron, With Only Around 20ish People Partaking In WWM, We Somewhat Rely On Random Players & We're Prob Not The Only One.

Hereby I Simply Suggest The Idea Of Giving Sergeants & Up The Permission To Kick Certain Random's From Battles If They Deliberately Die, Crash, Not Play Towards Objective &  Don't Listen / Communicate With The Team. 
On Top Of This A Maybe Harder Feature To Implement, A Way For Squad Members To Hand Out Spawns, And Not Have The System Decide. Everyone Would Rather Have The People In The Top Bracket Of Vehicles Spawned Rather Than The New Guy Playing A Reserve MBT For The Very First Time. Without Offense To Them, But These Battles Aren't Gonna Win Themselves.

Next To This Also Take Away The Permission Of Sergeants To Have Map Control During WWM, Only Officer Or Up Should Be Able To Do This In My Opinion.

I Fully Understand 2/3rd Of The People Just Play WWM Purely For The Event Vehicles, And As Long As WWM Will Continue In The Future, And People Are Only Hooked For The Rewards, Squadrons Should Be Able To At Least Choose To Keep The People Around Who Play For The Objective, Kick The Saboteurs And Make It As Enjoyable For These Who Play To Win By Giving Them The Spawns They Deserve & Not Having Vehicles Wasted.

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