I need the community's help with a problem that's been plaguing me since I took over war thunder.

l will try to describe it as best as I can, even if english isn't my main language. This bug happen every game.


First of all, I'm signing up for a game of war thunder "realistic ground battle" (note the word ground, it will have its importance later). 
In the first minutes everything goes well: capture of a first point, battle for the center point, sometimes I get destroyed and leave the spawn, sometimes I destroy enemy tanks, I rant about BR compression when I'm uptiered....
So far so good you'll tell me, but at this very moment, everything is going to go wrong.

I'm just walking around on the map when BAM, a plane takes my **** apart in three seconds with either its cannon or its rockets. 

The first time I said to myself "it's okay, a little bug in the game, they didn't mean to mix up the airplane and tank players".

Next part BAM AGAIN, a helicopter takes my **** apart with either its cannon or rockets. 

Then I say to myself "****, no luck today, second time I tag in realistic GROUND battle and I get killed by non-GROUND vehicles".
Confident in gaijin's ability to solve bugs, I tag in another realistic GROUND battle, and again, BAM, reckt by a plane. 

Fairly pissed off, I ask in the game chat "why the xxxx am I getting taken down by planes that always score crazy scores because they are fighting against GROUND forces? "

One guy says "you should take AA instead of crying, l2p n00b etc etc etc"

I said "Dear sir, I tag realistic GROUND force to play tanks and armored cars. While I understand that some players find AA gameplay fun (supporting the team by disabling ennemy tanks and something destroying them), I prefer good old-fashioned armoured vs. armoured."

Then this Sir told me that it's perfectly normal to get your **** kicked in realistic GROUND force by air, because it's possible to fly in and take everybody's **** out without taking too much risk, most players have tanks to do realistic GROUND battle. It's easy grind and my way to make up for his xxxx size when you don't have enough money to buy a hummer.


Having a small xxxx myself, I decide to go for a realistic PLANE battle with a Tunguska to destroy the fun of the airplane players and ruin the games.

Only, it doesn't work that way : a plane player with a small xxxx can compensate his xxxx in realistic GROUND battle but a tank player with a small xxxx can't do anything at all except by buying a Hummer.


So I humbly ask Gaijin: fix the bug that allows you to take air forces in realistic GROUND battle or allow me to ruin the airplane parts as they ruin the realistic GROUND battle parts, it won't make much difference to you and i dont have enough money to by a Hummer.


PS : if there is a game mode where you can play in a tank without getting ***** by planes, please let me know.

Thank you.


A small xxxx Tank player, but fairly pissed anyway.




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