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What is appropriate Source Material for Historical reports?

OEM Manuals    -  User Manuals / Repair Manuals / Factory Manuals etc (Flight/Pilot/Maintenance Manuals, Engineering Drawings etc) - Historically acknowledged reference sources - single source is required. (Preferred)
Authored works    -  Reference Books on collections of vehicles/aircraft/ships ('coffee table books') Biographies, Specialist Books, "Expert" opinion publications, websites, industry magazines etc - at least two unrelated sources required.*


*Please be reminded that Wikipedia or other private Websites are generally not considered as reliable sources.


  • Please ensure the references have Report/Document Type, Report/Document Name, Author, Date, ISBN/ISSN, relevant Pg No's etc - so our Historical consultant can review and check the accuracy of those documents against the substantial Gaijin Historical Database and Reference Sources.
  • Please provide scans of all pages referenced and a scan of the front cover of publication/book.
  • For Web sources. Please provide the link to the actual relevant section or document.  If this is not possible and only higher links can be referenced then please provide page or title information to locate the relevant reference.
  • Photographs need to be fully referenced.


WARNING: Please note! Any information or sources deemed classified by their respective ownership will not be accepted and will be dealt with according to any legal requirements .

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