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FedEx Recruitment (Your chance for one of the best tags)



FedEx UK Head Office,

Head Office Parkhouse Industrial Estate,

East Chesterton, Staffordshire,


United Kingdom





Dear Sir/Madam,


This letter confirms that FedEx Euro-America Group is offering you a place in the squadron. This means that you are now able to join for the recruitment stage.


FedEx Clan was officially started on April 14th, 2019 but a lot of the members have been playing together since 2017 through steam groups and discord. Most of the players have played the game since 2015 but the group has acquired some newer players as well. The clan plays realistic battles, sim battles and most recently IL-2 Sturmovik. There is a good mix of casual players, as well as some competitive so there is always somebody online to play with.  As most of the players have been playing together for so long there is a good dynamic and sense of community which we would love you to join in.


What we are looking for in players:

· Players from Europe or the Americas

· English speakers

· Discord users

· Have at least rank 4 in one tree (tanks or planes)

· Casual or Semi Competitive players

· Active members at least playing once every week

· Players interested in participating in squadron events

· Ages 16+ (we do make exceptions to this)


If you feel you meet the requirements, then join our discord at https://discord.gg/qWfEEeEDBq and speak to one of the recruitment staff. Furthermore, you can reach out to us on war thunder by searching for =FedEx= and speaking to the commander or the deputy.  We are always looking for new players to share the best tag in war thunder, so feel free to message us at any time.


Yours faithfully,

Hughbedobie (Commander)

DynamicVortex (Deputy)




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At first I thought this was some random thread about FedEx, then I realized it was a Squadron. Nice one :good:

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