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[Feature] Paradropping Units


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Hi, As The Title Says, I'd Be Interested To See Planes Carry Around Units Such As Helicopters Already Do. This Can Both Work For WWII & Post-War Scenarios, I Had Some Ideas In Mind How To Implement This And Which Is I My Mind More Balanced Than How Helicopters Are Currently Implemented.

As A Map Commander, It Can Be Tricky To Sometimes Breakthrough, But With The Addition Of Helicopter Landing Troops, Gives An Insight On How They Can Be Used, And A Bit More Balanced Once Coming Back To The 1940's Theatres Of War.


1. Airdropping  Infantry Groups

|                        Japan                                 |                      Germany                          |                          America                      |                     UK


As It Currently Stands, Helicopters Can Freely Land & Load Any Infantry Group From Any Position & Drop Them At Any Position, That's Simply How Helicopters Benefit Over Planes, But During WWII Times, These Options Weren't As Widely Available Or Used. 


Instead Planes & Parachutes Were The Only Way To Get Infantry Behind The Lines, And Planes Would Simply Return To Base As They Had Nowhere To Simply Pick Up Other Troops, Or The Paratroopers Back Up As There's No Commodity Of A Friendly Airfield, This In Contrast To Helicopters Is Way More Balanced As Infantry Can't Just Be Hopped Around Fastly To Take Ground.


This Can Be Used To Either Disable Airfields, Destroy Artillery Units, Or Even Weaken An Entrenched Unit By Sabotage, Leaving Them Open For An Attack By The Frontline. 


2. Board The Planes!

|                             USSR                                |                       America                              |                                Japan                               |                              UK



As Already Stated That Planes Can't Just Load Up Anywhere But On Airfields, Instead Of Having The Planes Come To The Infantry Group, The Infantry Group Has To Go Towards The Airfield.


Infantry Should Be Able To Load Up In An Airfield As If They're A Plane And Can Only Fly Out Once There's Actually Enough Transport Planes To Do So.




3. Board What Planes?

This Will Be A List Of Vehicles That Can Be Used For Paratroopers, Some Of These Vehicles Already Exist In Game, And Can Be Used For This Exact Opportunity, Others Will Not Be In Game Yet & Might Be Taken In Consideration.

(Disclaimer, This Will Purely Be A Theoretical List Of Vehicles, Not An In-depth View With Historical Sources / Performance)





Ju 52 "Tante Ju"


Asisbiz Demyansk airlift Junkers Ju 52 2.KGrzbV9 (4V+AK) WNr 6682 ...


Asisbiz Luftwaffe Junkers Ju 52 transporter in fligh maybe a ...


Douglas C-47 "Skytrain" (DC-3 "Dakota" | USA) / Lisunov Li-2 (USSR) / Nakajima L2D (IJN)


Douglas C-47 Skytrain | Airborne Museum

Aeroflot | Luis@Keio

L2D2 in flight | World War Photos


Nakajima G5N2-L (Transport Refit Of The G5N)


Japanese Aircraft of WWII: Nakajima G5N Redux


Topulev TB-3


Wing infantry armor (part 1)





Nakajima Ki-34/ L1N1 (IJN - Few)*


Japanese Forces - japanese paratroopers jumping from the transport ...


Mitsubishi Ki-57 / L4M1 (IJN - Few) (Developed From Ki-21)*



*Suggesting These 2 For Inland Operations (Indo-China) As The Army Didn't Make Use Of L2D's.


SM.83 (Derived From SM.79)






4. After Word

Few Last Words In Which Other Scenarios Planes Can Be Used & How Combat Will Resolve Among Them.


As They're Transport Planes, They Can Be Seen As A Bomber Flight, So Once A Fighter Group Intercepts & No Fighters Escort It, It Ends Up In An Auto Battle Unless You Manage To Get An Fighter Group To Protect The Transport Planes. The Flight Convoy Will Work The Same As Bomber Interception But With Weaker Planes, As Most Of The Transport Planes Aren't Armed At All & Can Only Rely On Their Covering Planes.


Another Use For Transport Planes Might Also Be Taxing Heavier Units Such As Tanks & Artillery, But Only Possible To Do So If There Is Another Friendly Airport Available To Be Flown Towards.


I Truly Think This Is A Nice Addition To WWM & Can Give More Tools To Map Commanders To Breakthrough & Consider On When To Use Their Fighter Planes. This Also Can Make Use Of In-Game Vehicles That Have Been Collecting Dust Over The Years And Would Make For Nice Target Practice For Interceptors.

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