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I am uncertain where else to put this.


I did post about it in what I thought was the relevant thread, which is the discussion thread for the recent BR and economy changes, however someone decided otherwise and as yet my post remains in "moderation"

I was going to post something in "constructive criticism", though there is no option to start a new post in there, helpfully enough.


My problem is quite simple, and plainly reposting my previous comment that wasn't allowed into the thread illustrates it well enough;



On 29/06/2020 at 11:35, Stona said:

Ground forces tech tree changes:


  • USA:
    • M15A1 CGMC — moved to rank II.



This all comes with the added bonus of making the grind more difficult for relatively new players.


The quote above is a perfect example. I am currently concentrating on US ground vehicles, in a bid to finally break into rank IV.

I have recently got 5 of the 6 required vehicles researched, one of which is the M15A1.

Now that it has been moved to rank 3 (assuming the BR remains the same, this is pointless), I have to grind out another vehicle in order to get this done.


Thanks Gaijin.




The recent BR changes, combined with "new vehicles" such as the copy/paste British and US tanks in the French and Italian trees, have created setbacks in a couple of my tech trees that effectively invalidate a lot of time and effort already spent getting to where I was in game.


The M15 being moved down a rank gives me an extra vehicle I have to research and purchase in order to get back to where I was previously.

The Italian ground forces tree is worse, I have to now backtrack and research/buy the M18, another Sherman and the 75/46 M43 just to get back to where I was (and in one instance actually be able to buy a vehicle I have already researched)


I don't understand why there is no acknowledgment of this, or why I seem to be in the wrong for mentioning it in the thread about that update.

Can you not make new vehicles, added into the middle of a tech tree at random, be able to be bypassed... even just for a while so that your seemingly arbitrary decisions about BR and rank doesn't stand to waste the time of a lot of your own customers?

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