Hello dev team or fellow forum users,

I have a question, as we all are aware new missile indicators have been implemented into the game. Instead of a text appearing on your screen there is now a red box around the missile. I do not understand why this change was needed, as A. this is lowering the skill ceiling and B. It simply cannot be implemented in the state the game is at. More specifically I'm talking about the spotting system, its broken and most of the time doesnt do its job. The issue i have is that when a plane is behind you, and the spotting system doesnt spot him and subsequently NOT put the enamy plane on the radar, how is one supposed to know an incoming missile? Ye sure theres the cheap answer "Just look back" but it doesnt make sense. A. because it take a missile seconds to reach you, so unless you get super lucky and randomly look back and see the missile. THEN you can dodge it. BUT that's a one in a thousand case. In my opinion, unless theres a big reason WHY this is needed, I think we need to revert the changed to a text. Or implement them both. I'm sure I'am not the only one with this opinion. 


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