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8.7-10.3 Jet Issues (Balance and general)

About me: I'm a level 82 War Thunder Player, I play Air and Ground Realistic Battles. My main area of expertise is in 8.7-10.3 Jet Realistic Battles as that is where i have around 70% of my total hours. I also own my own discord server and am very active in the community (Such as Reddit etc.)


Why I am writing this: After reading the recent BR changes, I was, once again, disappointed (or even appalled). It's clear to me, and all other community members, that you guys balance vehicles with stats given from matches, and, as i hope you know, that is just not going to work in a game as complex as this. Unlike other games, such as Rocket League, there are different vehicles/characters in which have specialised skills and niches. Lets take a look at the lightning: This supersonic aircraft was recently downtiered to 9.7 and, as we all know, it doesn't belong in there. This has occurred because you guys balance vehicles by stats (kill/death ratios and win %s etc.). Hopefully, you guys have already realised why it doesn't belong in such a low BR, however, if you haven't, I shall explain it. The Lightning F6 is one of the best climbing aircraft in the game, let alone in a BR of subsonic aircraft. This, already, tells us that the lightning will almost always have such a colossal energy advantage over its targets (apart from other lightnings). This leads to the lightning dominating the BR as it can just BnZ its opponents until they are destroyed or just run out of fuel. The lightning F6 is also one of the fastest planes in the game which renders it almost 'unkillable' in a BR of subsonic aircraft. Thirdly, the 'Redtop' missiles significantly outclass the missiles on any other aircraft in the BR 8.7-9.7. These key advantages will, undoubtedly, make the lightning as good as, or if not better than the f104s in 9.7.


On the topic of missiles: Lets talk about one missile in particular which is now appalling and not worth using. The SRAAM. This missile was the exact reason the Hunter F6 (a SUBsonic aircraft) was in a BR with the fastest and best performing aircraft in the game. However, due to the new missile tracking system, the missiles no longer do half as well as they once did. The SRAAM was a missile in which could be used in very high speed deflection passes and other situations. However, due to the missile no longer having the ability to vector as soon as it is ejected from the missile pod, it cannot be used in high speed deflections. This is just poor game development and also shows the community you don't care about previously good vehicles. PLEASE FIX


On the topic of missiles (II): The new missile 'warning' system. It is extremely inconsistent and has led to 1000s (if not 1,000,000s) of deaths from players. This is because the red 'diamond' which highlights the missiles location will occasionally either not show up or outright disappear. This is even more of an issue in the top tier of aircraft (10.0-10.3) where missiles are the meta. In addition, the fact that the game now houses missiles with a maximum G overload of 30g(s) (and has such an inconsistent and badly coded/designed warning system) makes playing top tier aircraft games a risk that you will die unfairly (or as the community says 'Gaijined'). 


Balance (Repair Cost): It has also occurred to me, and countless other community members, that you guys like to balance things by repair cost. This is just outright idiotic. The only thing you achieve by balancing vehicles via repair cost increases is making people, like myself, not want to play a plane because of such a high fee to pay if you die ONCE. Lets take a look at two very capable jets in their tiers. The cl13b mk6 and the Lightning f6. The cl13b mk6 has a repair cost of >32,000 silver lions and the Lightning is <10,000 silver lions. Let me just make this explicitly clear. The cl13b mk6 saber, a subsonic aircraft with the airframe of a paper airplane and 50 calibre machine guns has a repair cost 3x greater than the Lightning f6. The lightning f6 has 2x Aden 30mm cannons, Redtop missiles, a strong airframe and a monstrous climb rate. Does this make sense? Of course not! This is just ridiculous. 


Now, I'm not the type of person to whine and complain about things without having solutions. So, let me explain ways to fix these listed issues.


How to fix SRAAMs: Change them back to EXACTLY how they were. The past SRAAM justified the Hunter F6's BR of 10.0. However, if you do not want to fix the SRAAMs, at least make the Hunter F6 9.7.

What to do with ALL supersonic aircraft (excluding BR decompression): Keep them withing 10.0-10.3 NO MATTER WHAT. If these aircraft, with such monstrous speed, find themselves in 9.7, they will dominate the BR if used to a somewhat effective degree. For example: the F104 Starfighters or the Lightning F6. (Including the F-100!)

How to fix the missile warning system: Make it so the red diamond always appears on the missile and add the old missile warning back.

How to accurately balance vehicles: First of all, make every single vehicles repair cost less than 15k Silver Lions. (If you are concerned about funds from the community, people will pay more to grind up to these vehicles with a 'nicer' repair cost.) Next, either get good at the game ,like the community (this meaning actively play the game, learn the BRs and play all 3 game modes evenly), or employ individuals with lots of experience and knowledge in their fields of knowledge (e.g jets). Employing said individuals will allow the game to be balanced well and fairly as you, the developers, will understand what changes need to be implemented.


I hope this message can be brought to the developers attention as I strongly believe it is the solution (or, at least, the start of it) to fixing the game.

Thank you for your time.



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