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Hi Carmin

We are a casual and competetive playing squadron, the competetive side is completely voluntary though so no pressure to join if its not your thing.

We mainly play RB but have members that play in SB and AB too.

We play air & ground mainly but do have members that play naval too.

We are going to be doing WW mode too, feel free to come by our discord and check us out!


YUTBU] (Yeet Us To Beat Us) has arrived and is now looking for people like you to join our ranks and create something great.


[YUTBU] is looking for competitive players to fill out our ranks. We will be looking to compete in Squadron Battles in the coming seasons and make a name for all our members. Competitive play is not a constant requirement as we have members that are not interested in that side of War Thunder and just want to hang out with like minded people and blow up vehicles legally.


What we offer:


  • An active community of both competitive and casual members. Members on daily and always looking to squad up with people.
  • Years of experience dating back to the early days of War Thunder.
  • Friendly and relaxed atmosphere.
  • All B.R ranges available for both Ground and Air, with Naval progressing steadily.
  • Regular Squadron events to break up the grind.
  • Discord Server to mingle and communicate https://discord.gg/GZEbRSw


What we require from you:


  • 16+ as a minimal age (this can be negotiable dependent on maturity).
  • Active on Discord and wiling to squad up while on War Thunder.
  • Able to respect others backgrounds and opinions.
  • Discord and a fully working Mic.


Whether it is climbing the ranks and making a name for yourself to be feared throughout the War Thunder community or just looking to enjoy yourself while destroying armoured vehicles legally with other like minded people, [YUTBU] would love to welcome you to the family. Feel free to visit our Discord to have a chat and look around. There will always be someone available to answer any questions.


See you on the battlefield o7


Commander of [YUTBU]


medal medal medal medal medal medal

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=VOLTS= is looking for active and casual players, active players for Squadron Battles and casuals for fun gaming. we have discord and you must be able to join channel and talk. please pm me in game or use this link to join our discord server with any questions you might have https://discord.gg/ArGd4He





Squadron Officer

medal medal medal medal medal medal

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We are a community from all over the globe that come together to play... and to win.


We play casually, in tournaments and have a team of ACEs competing in esports events and working their way to the THUNDER LEAGUE! 


Sign up to our in-game squadron too and get earning extra bonuses, H1DE is open to all, we don't put level caps and restrictions on our members.


Don't just play War Thunder? We also have community's playing

Rainbow Six: Siege

Escape From Tarkov


Call of Duty


World of Warcraft

League of Legends

....and more sub categories!


What are you waiting for? We will see you on the battlefield......



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Hello, I started a discord community to help people squad up together. We are not a squadron, just a community to help players of all BR get a squad together for some games. Feel free to hop on over https://discord.gg/cRQsPcS

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On 07/07/2020 at 22:26, [email protected] said:

No longer looking for a squadron found a great squadron for myself 

Never mind that was not great for me

and am not looking for a squadron anymore started one with some people

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