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Will Helicopter EC ever be balanced?

It amazes me that anyone at Gaijin can even pretend to care about balance in this game when the travesty of Helicopter EC has continued the way it has been, essentially a mode where Ka-50/52 can simply dominate entire enemy teams. 


I realize that you have some standard arguments which you've repeated to not balancing it, but I assume none of you has actually played helicopter EC, because there's no a single game where the entirety of those not in Ka-50s aren't complaining about Ka-50s. 


You've created a game mode and helicopter which essentially can't be countered, and a helicopter which can be flown effectively by even the most braindead user. 


You have a 10km engagement range (I suppose you forgot to nerf it to 8km like you said you would?), meaning it is far out of engagement range from other helicopters. 


It has automatic counters which are effective against IR missiles. 


Other ATGMs aren't effective due to lack of proximity fuses. 


And even if you get a hit with a Stinger, you won't be able to do anything since it carries 500g of explosives, compared to the 5000g explosive mass of the Vikhr. 


It is the very definition of an overpowered vehicle which can't be countered, and while I'm not arguing that it should be nerfed because that would be ahistorical, it needs to be placed in a matchmaker where it will only face similar opponents, allowing the other helicopters to actually play and not act as free kills for people who have bought the Ka-50. 


It's honestly disgusting. 

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