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Stock shell issues and pricing

For people have had already big problems with heatfs being the stock shell at top tier, it's power was signficantly reduced and yet the promise top address the issue was never fullfilled, infact thing are worse since people not only forced to use heatfs against composite armor but a heavily nerfed one something should be done about it or shells stock apfsds be given to the tanks that are fighting in these br even an inferior one to theones available as a modification and payed for by SL, now to the second issue, why the amx-30 brennus and amx30 b2 have 600 sl APFSDS they lack stabilizer in a range that stabilizer is a standard and a must and they also lack their historically stabilized gun sight and yet the price of the shell remains at 600 while other have 1/3 of the price or even have them stock

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