Why isnt premium account on sale?

Why isnt premium account on sale? This one thing is the most vital thing in the game to have (except skill obv) and it's way to over priced. Making it on sale or even a bundle would really take in the money as many people want this and it would be a pretty good move in my opinion. An example of a bundle would be some GE like 500 and 30 days of Premium time for around 12 euros. For comparison even WOT has better deals even with it's horrible P2W rep as for 10 euros ish you can get 30 days of premium a teir V premium and some gold making it a great deal! I would love and I would buy something like that even if there isnt a premium tank. Another way to do this is when a sale is going on you can increase gold or premium time on an existing bundle, but please do that to more low teir stuff as all this higher teir stuff isnt satisfying the largest amount of the player base. A good example would be the Chinese Sherman as you could add some premium time to the existing and make it a sale while selling an already existing bundle. This also entices newer F2P users to buy this as they get a great boost to their grind. And finnaly is to make bundles, like with the M4 hybrid add some premium time or gold and put it on the market on a sale! An example would be the M4 Hybrid+20 days of premium for 20 Euros! 

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