Alright there are a few things wrong with this.


The first is killing planes, why are people taking fighters into mixed RB? It's just purely not fun as it makes it near impossible to play Mixed as you might play an attacker and have no chance to bomb/rocket down any takes as an attacker with out turn or just dive on you and easily kill you. This effectively makes SPAA less relevant as all you have to do is rush a cap spot some stuff hope for one tank you've spotted ro die get the reduction in SP and you have a plane, and for fighters with no ordinance you have an even lower SP cost making it unfair for someone to get a plane with killing enemies and supporting their team witch unlike someone who just presses W onto a cap takes a bit of skill. 


Now the second is also a problem with fighters is open top tanks and light tanks. Now open top tanks are much harder to play unlike their more armoured counterparts since they need good positioning and map knowledge but If a fighter spawns they just look down spot you and strafe you and all that knowledge is basically wasted. Light tanks is similar as you could make a lovely flank and die to a strafe :/.


the Question is why this is allowed and what is the reason for letting this happen.


(Sorry If it sounded like a rant I'm pretty bad at structuring text but keep up the good work and I hope we can get some more amazing content!)


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