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Can we get a Better skin for the Mosquito FB.VI?

I love The Mosquito, In game the same is true. Just one thing; the skin. It Is pretty but I think that we should have a skin more representative of the type.




Here is a picture of a Mosquito FB VI showing off that epic late war camo, (and before you start screaming BuT ThIs cAmO Is aLrEaDy iN gAmE, I know, but it is non reseachable and you have you buy it) and next to it a picture of the camo in-game. It just looks wrong because it is a poor copy of the prototype. I am not asking for the paid for one to be free, but to have a nicer camo that represents the type better.

633 Squadron > Vintage Wings of Canada GarageImage Mosquito FB Mk VI.jpg

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