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I don't like some of the provided ammo belts, would you ever in the future allow the creation of custom ammo belts?

The customization of ammo belts is a small but nice detail that will equip a players plane for a operation. For example in The PBJ without 75mm gun. Busting pillboxes with all AP .50 cal. Or the 20mm turret on the Lincoln. Why the new belts have no tracers, idk. But the default rounds are useless when 2/4 rounds are effective. Id like to make my own belt. Pilots made their own belts in ww2, so why cant we. From this you can maybe make the option of making an ammo belt cost 20 GE for each vehicle. Maybe 50. There should be a price in SL for each bullet type that adds up to the total belt cost. Tracer rounds being nearly useless are cheap, and immediate action rounds more expensive for inflicting more damage to a plane than a tracer round would do.

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