Missiles Spading in jet

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So, I was looking at how much does it cost to research the missile in jet, and I am actually surprise because there is not any logic.
      I explain : to unlock the AIM 9B with the F-4C you have to spade 11 000 RP while in an F-4E it is 19 000.
Of course I know it is easier to make a kill with the F-4E so it can explain why it is harder to have missiles but then, why does people playing the J35 D have to research 53 000 RP for the RB24 J which is actually the same missile as the AIM 9 J wich cost 25 000 RP for the F-4E and EJ the difference is insane for a plane wich is really hard to play in top tier jet when you don't get any missile and everyone around you got it. And it is the same for the Phantom FGR 2 and FG Mk1 42 000 RP and 41 000 RP for a 16G missile... while the Mirage III C can get a 30G missile for only 25 000 RP same for the MiG 21 SMT and MF wich is 32 000 RP for the R-60 30G. 

I am not going to do every jet and its missiles (54K for the Red Top 16G cough... cough... sorry...   ok.. ok.. it is a 10.0 but honestly... the chinese F104 also a 10.0 and 20G for 32 000 RP).

As you can see it is really ambiguous, so finally here is my questions : can you, explain me why did you put the researching cost like that or will you change it and fix it ?

Thanks you for reading my question.

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