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Visible Map Boundaries in Mission Editor

This seems like a pretty straightforward question, but I couldn't find an answer anywhere after searching. 


Is there any way to see the boundaries of the map that you're working with in the mission editor?


I know that the map boundaries can't be changed in the mission editor, but I would just like to see the size so I can figure out if I'm too close to that boundary based on the X/Y/Z coordinates. 


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This is how I do that:


1. I create a new point and place it somewhere



2. Select it and then press P, then switch its type to a box



3. Set its position to 0, 0, 0 (center of the map) and the size depending on which map I want to make my mission



The smallest maps: 32768x32768 (maps for tanks)

Normal maps: 65536x65536 (maps that you can see in AB and RB for planes)

The biggest maps: 131072x131072 (some maps like air_afghan, air_denmark, air_vietnam, air_smolensk, dover_strait)

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Thank you, that helps, and will definitely be useful.


I guess what I'm really wondering is related to the last part of your post, where you lay out the dimensions for various types of maps. Is there any way to see those dimensions anywhere in the editor? Say, for example, I'm working with the Korea map. How would I know beforehand what the map's dimensions are? The box zone makes sense to help visualize the boundaries, but that's only based on having that information before I create that box zone. Is there a list somewhere that shows each map with it's corresponding dimensions?


I noticed on the wiki that the descriptions of maps and sizes always includes qualifiers like "most" or "some", implying that not all maps fall under those generalizations, kind of like where you mentioned that "some maps like..." are of a particular size. 


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All AB, Ground Forces, Naval maps - 32x32km


air_afghan - 131x131km

air_denmark - 131x131km

air_ladoga - 65x65km

air_smolensk - 131x131km

air_vietnam - 131x131km

dover_strait - 131x131km

berlin - 65x65km

britain - 65x65km

bulge - 65x65km

caribbean_islands - 65x65km

guadalcanal - 65x65km

guam - 65x65km

honolulu - 65x65km

hurtgen - 65x65km

iwo_jima - 65x65km

khalkhin_gol - 65x65km 

korea - 65x65km

korsun - 65x65km

krymsk - 65x65km

kursk - 65x65km

malta - 65x65km

midway - 131x131km

moscow - 131x131km

norway - 131x131km

peleliu - 65x65km

port_moresby - 65x65km

ruhr - 65x65km

saipan - 65x65km

sector_montmedy - 65x65km

sicily - 65x65km

spain - 131x131km

stalingrad - 65x65km

stalingrad_w - 65x65km

tunisia - 65x65km

wake_island - 65x65km

water - 256000x256000m

zhengzhou - 65x65km

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