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Who choses which skins end up in the next crate?

Morning all, 


Just wondering what the process is behind choosing which user created skins end up in the next crate drop?


As you are aware, us console players don't have access to a market place to buy skins, nor do we have the ability to create our own. So these crates are our only opportunity bar events to get new skins. 


We would like to maybe have input or some sort of voting system? Perhaps their already is?


If theirs a user that makes them who always gets them in crates, whoa re they? 


Is their any way we can make suggestions on what skins to include? 


Many thanks for reading. 


Happy gaming. 

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The decision is up to the Developers, no plans for a voting system nor a suggestion system for any platform right now


Devs would like to make things more fair for Console players, but as im sure you are aware it is out of their control... Devs are always looking into other ways to help console players to have more options, but is difficult when both hands are tied behind your back


Things may change, but no news right now

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