Helicopter back door gunners



Does Gaijin intend to add door gunners for utility helicopters, like UH-1, H-34, Mi-4 and any other helicopter capable of doing it?

The mechanics for them will not be hard to implement since we already have them for aircraft and boats/ships. The way I see it, we should be able to change their focus on ground/air/mixed targets the same way we have in Naval Forces with a toggle button and the manual control could be the same as in bombers. This addition would be very beneficial to some helicopters to defend themselves against other helis and to be able to perform more tasks, where the loadout is more limited, like in the case of UH-1D or H-34.

This addition would be historical as well, since door gunners were actively used in combat theaters for various roles like in Vietnam, Afghanistan, Pakistan etc and there are a couple of options from low-caliber MGs to grenade launchers.

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I have wondered the same in the past, so sounds like a good idea


It is best to make a detailed suggestion in the proper area tho

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