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Problems with File sharing and rendering

Help! i have an issue with my 3D model jets!
For my afterburner, When i load it up on my own computer which i do my own modelling, I am able to see the afterburner flames from my jet exhaust and it works fine, however, when I share it or export it online, other user who load up the user mission and plane don't see the afterburner I've tried sending the file directly to the recipient via google drive with all modelling files included and that didnt work I made sure all texture files used were from the same folder, but only the exhaust doesn't show. Apart from that, i dont know what the 3D model of the afterburner looks like so im left with a proper looking side view but once viewed head on, i only see the engine texture, i simply couldn't recreate the same look in game. 
The next is shimmering textures, the colour is a flat colour , with the shimmering polys using the same smoothing group but the shimmering clearly shows the polygons, the material used in 3ds max is Dargor2 dynamic masked chrome bump any help would be greatly appreciated!

shot 2020.04.26 19.07.13.jpg

shot 2020.04.26 19.08.14.jpg

shot 2020.04.26 19.06.50.jpg

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