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British Phantom Repair costs.

Good Afternoon all,

Now first things first this isnt a complaint thread just  a curiosity post .I am a british main currently grinding for the Challie 2F and loving the attention and love Gaijin have given the british tech trees in the recent patches.


Now I seen the new british naval phantom on patch launch and working it out even the fact I have to research from the fire brand onwards Its still quicker to get that Phantom than the RAF varient.And the scimitar too because ...BULLPUPS.

Now was comparing both Phantoms in the tree a few minutes ago and came across a Enigma.I know In real Life the British Naval Phantom was different than the RAF mostly modifications to allow it to be stored  in the smaller British Naval Carriers.But Gaijin pretty much Copy Pasted the current Phantom FGR.2 and stuck it in the Naval tree with a new  Camo.


Now dont get me wrong  I  like love adore the Phantom its my Iconic jet so I am grinding towards it but heres the Rub.The Phantom FGR.2 is a stock repair cost of 10.000 SL(Remarkable cheap for a top end Jet)But the Phantom FG.MK1 in essence is the exact same aircraft as the FGR.2 has a stock repair cost of 20.500 SL .


Why is this is it an oversight Or is one of the Phantoms  factored in wrong for Repair costs .And I understand why you copied the  FGR.2 and gave it a new camo the  modifications in the  Naval phantom were mostly concerning its storage on carriers (radar dome and nose cone could be folded back etc)So no real combat differences and it gives british players another Phantom .


So just wondering is there something I,m missing  to the reason In the massive discrepencies In the Repair costs for the 2 Phantoms.

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Repair costs are determined by players. If a handful of players play well with a specific vehicle, the repair cost will be higher.


If this vehicle is performing badly then the repair cost will go down.


It doesn't matter if the vehicle is 100% identical to another, if for whatever reason better players are using one vehicle and not the other identical one, then the repair cost will be adjusted for that one. Examples of this are carbon copies of vehicles in the same tech tree or different tech tree. 


So, this means when more people get their hands on the new Phantom, likely the repair cost will be adjusted accordingly. 

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