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We are =Trium=





we are Trium, a newly founded clan by active War Thunder players interested in SRB/tournaments and always looking for new members.


We are a chilled out group of players and having fun is our main priority, which however doesn't mean that we aren't highly competitive.

We are an established part of the War Thunder tournament scene and try to be as successful in Squadron Realistic Battles as possible.


That's why we are always looking for people with the same interests. If you want to be part of our tournament lineup you won't even need to be part of our squadron.

But if you decide to join and help us build up our squadron you will experience a relaxed atmosphere, nice people and a lot of fun, I can promise you that.


If we caught your interest feel free to text me on Discord. We would be happy to welcome you!



My Discord: BenSch/Ben#6065


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TheElite96 (Posted )

Hi! Please do not "push" your own post... we count it as spam. Thanks
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