This is the first time i opened WT since April Fools. No problem during April Fools, but now there are 2 cursors (Windows and War Thunder) so now in the hangar there are WT cursor and the Windows blue circle spinning cursor, if i alt-tab the game, the cursor changed into Windows point cursor. This is not really a problem in the hangar, but it is a big problem during in-game matches, where i keep looking at two different cursors which ended up destroying my aim. No changes have been made since April Fools, i only added some Skins, and Sights.


I added two pictures to help, one is a screenshot using "Lightshot" and the other use my phone because on the screenshot there is only one cursor (afaik Lightshot doesn't capture the windows cursor on screenshots)


Feel free to help, ask me questions or anything. Because i cant play with two cursors.

Added two more pictures to show how hard it is to aim with two cursors that both moves at different speed.





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On 11/05/2020 at 15:53, EvoSwatch said:

Nvm, i fixed the issue by changing the render from openGL to auto (directx)


Though i noticed when using DirectX occasionally there are FPS drops where the FPS stay below 10 for a good few seconds. Not a big issue but worth noting for.


1 hour ago, OpppY said:

thanks i had the same problem with the mouse, all fixed now


Glad you fixed it. 

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