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[FWD] [] Delat Torn hull mounted ammo rack problem

Platform Xbox

Version -

- If the problem is with a plane/tank/ship put type of plane/tank/ship:

Delat Torn hull ammo racks turn with the turret and can be outside of the tank though invisible but are an actual target still for artillery or other incoming fire which is now not protected by the hull.

- If the problem is with map post what map, co-ordinates of the issue location and what type such as ground strike, domination, etc.

Occurs in all game modes and test drive environments.

- Post if it happens on realistic, arcade, Sim, squadron battle, events, etc

Occurs in realistic, test drive though not tested in other instances due to unavailability or no need to.




Video was mp4 but still not showing. see link https://gamerdvr.com/gamer/blackpantherv88/video/93855182

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Thanks for the report, after watching your video I tested it out myself to see if I got the same results and sure enough I did so I forwarded the issue to the devs.


This issue will remain open for 7 Days for anyone else having similar issues related to the Delat Torn and ammo phasing through the walls.


This will also serve as a place for the devs to contact for more info if needed.

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