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update 12.07.13 (

  • Fixed:bug with bombs\rockets\torpedos resetting to defaults
  • Fixed: Flying trees (on some configurations)
  • Fixed: gunner aiming (Occasionally aiming in wrong direction)
  • Fixed: rare desync on carrier takeoff
  • Fixed: desync with some modifications
  • Fixed: kills count (in some cases kills were not counted)
  • Fixed: Damage model of  Beaufighter Mk.6c,Mk.X, Mk.21 (they were resistant to some fires)
  • Fixed: description stats of squadrons (it is calculated over last 14 days)
  • Fixed: reset of skins\decals (now they should be correctly changing)
  • Single Missions and Historical campaign fixes
  • Shōkaku Defense and Operation "A-Go" - weather

  • Battle for Henderson Field (planes in the air were at 0 throttle)

  • Counterattack - carriers are now more vulnerable to torpedos. Added secondary mission objective

  • Fate of Hiryū- postion of Yorktown.

  • Yamato's Death - Yamato now more vulnerable to torpedos.

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