Another instance of a game is running, help :p

well i've actually 2 problems but let me address the first one, sometimes my game crashes (that isnt my problem) and then i just simply exit the game. launching the game again, it will load till the anti cheat then cut off to tell me that "another instance of a game is running" ive already tried closing  the aces.exe on task manager and command prompt (both ran as admin) but to no success, it just says access denied. the only solution i have to this problem is restarting. which is pretty time consuming.


but when it runs normally and i have something else to do, i exit the game. this leads me to my 2nd problem. when i want to play the game once more i launch it, and it launches perfectly, excpet for one thing, the fps. the fps is lowered by a lot (20-30 frames, 50+ when looking at the sky or places without much scenery). and is only fixable by again a restart. 


im hoping there is someone there who can help

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