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Fwd: May/02/2020 [] AMX-40 and AMX-32 missing their ESS module

Full name of the vehicles affected

AMX-40 and AMX-32 (AB/RB/SB)

Detailed description of the problem

Currently, the AMX-40 and the AMX-32, two tanks based on a similar platform, are missing their engine smoke generator system (ESS).

The enclosed official brochure from GIAT (now NEXTER, the company building most French tanks, including those two) confirms the availability of ESS for the AMX-40.

As for the AMX-32, I provide two non-official but reliable first-hand sources showing that the AMX-32 was also equipped with ESS:

  • An article in the respected Revue International de Défense comparing the Vickers Valiant to the AMX-32 (a document provided to the devs in order to develop the AMX-32 in the game) written by a former British tanker
  • An article in the review Armada International by two Swiss tankers which were authorized by GIAT to test the AMX-32 and hence had first-hand knowledge of the tank


GIAT brochure for the AMX-40 (April 1985) - Cover and relevant page

4th line in the "Protection" section: "... ; génération de fumée à l'échappement" (ESS; literally, "smoke generator from the (engine) exhaust")



Revue Internationale de Défense (page 1668-1675; volume 12/1981)

"Le Vicker Valiant et l'AMX-32 - deux poids moyens sur le même ring" ("The Vickers Valiant and the AMX-32 - two middleweights in the same ring")

by D.H.C. Jenkins (a former captain in Britain's Royal Tank Regiment and then armored vehicle expert and consultant)

I provide the first page of the document and the relevant page 1672. There, in the penultimate line of the "Armement"/"Weapons" section and on the column for the AMX-32, on can read: "Générateur d'écrans de fumée : intégré au moteur" (literally, "smokescreen generator: integrated to the engine")





Armada International (page 34-42; volume 5/1981; September-October 1981)

"Aux commandes du char de bataille AMX-32" ("Operating - literally "At the command of" - the AMX-32 battle tank")

by Captain R. Haudenschild et 1st Lieutenant J. Oberholzer

These two Swiss tankers worked as consultant for the magazine and were both commanding a tank platoon in the Swiss army. They exceptionally received the authorization from GIAT to test the AMX-32 before writing this article. I provide the first page and the relevant page 38.


On page 38, in the "Protection secondaire"/"Secondary protection" section one can read:
"Lorsque la situation tactique l'exige, le char est capable de se retirer rapidement en se dissimulant derrière un écran de fumée très efficace. Un dispositif spécial installé à l'arrière du char produit une épaisse fumée blanche en évaporant du combustible."

("When the tactical situation makes it necessary, the tank is able to quickly fall back by hiding behind a very effective smoke screen. A special system installed on the rear of the tank produces a thick white smock by evaporating some fuel.")


The text then mentions that a similar system is installed on some Russian tanks and that the AMX-32 is also equipped with 6 smoke grenades.






Fix of the problem

Add the researchable module ESS for the AMX-40 and AMX-32.

I am grateful to @Cedjoe, @Auto_tracking, and @Tantor57 for their help gathering documents for the AMX-40 and AMX-32.

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Thank you for your interest in helping to improve the game.  We will investigate this issue and get back to you shortly.



The Tech Mod Team

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Thank you for your interest and help improving the game.  


Your information has been forwarded to the developers for their consideration.  

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